pain is a thing of my past

“Several years ago I was referred to Dr. Reeh by my Naturopathic Doctor. I was experiencing severe pain in my back, legs and hips when awake and at night when I tried to sleep. I woke up tired and felt as if I could not put one foot in front of the other. I was no longer able to do the things that other people my age took for granted, i.e. walking for short distances, exercising, sitting for even short periods of time, without experiencing pain when I got up. My legs had begun to bow and that seemed to cause me additional pain. Additionally over an 18 month period I had three bowel obstructions for which I was hospitalized. After seeing several GI specialists the conclusion was that I needed to have surgery to repair the bowel.
As a practicing RN I am very familiar with the health care arena but I choose to take a less traditional, non-invasive course. I am happy to be able to say that I am 95% better. I no longer wake up feeling as if I had never slept. Severe pain is a thing of my past. I now go to the gym to exercise and I am attempting to learn golf. The surgery for the bowels has become unnecessary.
I believe that the knowledge and techniques used by Dr. Reeh are like a best-kept secret. I have often said everyone should be able to experience the type of healing that I have experienced. My entire family sees her now and the testimonials continue to grow.”


headaches disappear

“After a hit to the head during a game, my daughter developed a concussion with a chronic daily headache. The neurologist and concussion specialist couldn’t find medicines that helped but Dr. Reeh was able to get that headache to disappear after just one visit!”


sensory processing disorder

“My daughter has sensory processing disorder and during the last 6 months that we’ve worked with Dr. Reeh, her therapists have seen a huge improvement. Her behavior at home has improved also. Thank you, Dr. Reeh!”