It feels right

When I receive osteopathic care everything about it feels right, as opposed to my experience with chiropractic care.  It is like a perfectly delicious meal that I don’t want to have end.



“Can I say it feels delightful? I feel looser, lighter after treatment.”


Back to my normal self

“Thank you so much for your treatment! The improvement I felt even after just the first session was significant. I went from having back pain that made it unbearable to stand still during work to feeling back to my normal self…I cannot express how grateful I am for this!”


Skillful hands brought my body back into alignment

“Over 5 years ago, I initially sought relief from neck distress and found Dr. Reeh’s osteopathic adjustment work invaluable to my overall physical wellbeing. Even more healing was that she helped me after being physically hit by a car and sustaining misalignment and mild concussion. Dr. Reeh’s skillful hands brought my body back into alignment and she also offered helpful ways to recover from the concussion. I am grateful for her expertise, compassion and the way that she seeks continued medical training in her field of osteopathic medicine.”


A light at the end of the tunnel

“For more than twenty years I’ve suffered with myofascial issues that have been misdiagnosed and mistreated by all sorts of specialists. In less than a year, Dr. Reeh’s treatment has resulted in a huge improvement with a light at the end of the tunnel. I never would have gotten to this point without Dr. Reeh.”