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An Osteopathic Approach to Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Problems of the pelvic floor are estimated to affect some 25 to 50 % of women depending on age, as well as a smaller percentage of men in the United States. The related diagnoses can include constipation or incontinence, dyspareunia, recurrent urinary tract infection, pelvic pain, coccydynia (pain of the coccyx or tailbone), prostatitis, cystitis,…

Back to my normal self

“Thank you so much for your treatment! The improvement I felt even after just the first session was significant. I went from having back pain that made it unbearable to stand still during work to feeling back to my normal self…I cannot express how grateful I am for this!” -MS

sensory processing disorder

“My daughter has sensory processing disorder and during the last 6 months that we’ve worked with Dr. Reeh, her therapists have seen a huge improvement. Her behavior at home has improved also. Thank you, Dr. Reeh!” -KD