Billie Eilish Needs a Good Osteopath

For those of you not following popular culture right now, Billie Eilish is a musical artist who has seriously shot to fame in the last year or so.  Still under the age of 18, she is planning her world tour for 2020, which is already sold out. Some of you may have seen photos of her in the news–she has neon green roots in her hair and wears oversized designer duds.  She is a fashion moment. And she puts on a fantastic show! Go see her if you can.

I know these things because my resident Billie Eilish fan keeps me in the loop.  I also know that Billie has terrible ankles. Why would I know this tidbit? Well, apparently it’s a *thing* for her. And it’s getting in the way.  Case in point: her awesomeness earned her the musical artist spot on the season opener of Saturday Night Live…but she had to perform while wearing a walking boot. Ugh. I feel for you, Billie.

Conventional medical wisdom states that once you sprain an ankle, it is forever weaker and more vulnerable to additional injury.  This is true. And apparently that is what has happened to poor Billie–it’s been one injury after another. But the conventional medical wisdom does not include care by a skilled Osteopath, who has the ability to balance the joint back to its pre-injury state of being (or maybe actually **better**).  There are different techniques that could be used to accomplish this feat, and unfortunately not all Osteopathic physicians are equally capable, despite a common medical school curriculum that teaches the basics.  You have to find the right one.

Injuries in general are very responsive to Osteopathic Manipulation, and treatment can reduce pain and even swelling within 10 minutes or so.  Treatment can also speed the healing time and of course, help to prevent the vulnerability to reinjury. Treatment can get the athlete back to the game faster.  It can reduce time out of work, or time with limited mobility due to crutches. It can definitely reduce or eliminate reliance on pain medications and even help after surgery is done to repair the bones or soft tissues from injury.  Naturally, the best time to treat is right after the incident happens, but injury-related changes can be successfully treated years or decades after the fact. 

So Billie, there is still hope!   Feel free to call if you find yourself in the Philadelphia area… 

If you aren’t in the Philly/South Jersey area, use the following links to find a qualified Osteopathic Physician near you:   (my preferred list to use)